Smart clocks are now a reality for traditional manufacturers like replica TAG Heuer. CEO Jean Claude Biver presented the new connectivity philosophy that began to influence Hublot’s sister company. If our entire environment, from computer to home appliances, is connected to networks, the idea that the control center should be mobile can be challenged: in the new hyperlinked world this can move from palm to wrist and clock to find a new role. Swiss watchmaking aspires to combine traditional craftmanship with new technology by proposing an alternative to purely technological giants. This rationale includes the replica TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Special Edition. With a ceramic frame, a blue leather strap with a red stitching and the Formula 1 logos it represents, it is the company’s proposal for a smart watch at a price of around € 1,500. Dimensions 45: 13.75mm, alternative black plastic strap.

Eccentricity replica Hublot also presented a smart replica watches, the Big Bang Referee especially for the 2018 World Championship, which is not sure to be the emotion of non-football fans.

Unlike the models of the company that is not conspicuous for its conservatism, the show stole the red-hot model that has already been judged collectible: Big Bang Unico Red Magic with a ceramic frame is really magical. There is also the blue color, which this year had in many models its honor: Big Bang Meca-10 Ceramic Blue.

For their inventive eccentricity, the two variants of the Big Bang Alps Limited Edition stand out, the more robust and athletic, and the more luxurious with diamonds, combining blue leather and lamb wool on the strap to keep the fruit from freezing when you wear it in alpine cold. But also the Big Bang Unico Golf, if you play golf and want a specialized roll, the name says it all.