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Although it is a big jen appreciation

Are you buying Rolex now?

From the new model of the current model to rare antiques in the museum show, in the JFK collection that takes care of Rolex SS sports around the world, I focused on the latest model and recently used and asked the story. The price of imported watches sold in Japan, such as the rise of the yen and slow-moving Asian market, tends to decline, but will real prices of Rolex replica watches go down? Or is it another Rolex? In the invisible market, right now, is Rolex the moment of decision?

Continuation of Part 4

“In the case of ROLEX we will change the model without prior notice so we are looking for people who wish to collect models before the model changes and in addition, we look at stainless steel bezel rather than new model ceraco chrome bezel People who looking for the old model is looking for it. ”

Therefore, the price of the former Dayton is not a state that does not continue.

“116520 Even if it’s the beginning from 2000 to 2005, if the degree is good, I think there is a feeling of opposing”

Of course, if the JFK Museum has enough stock you can get a good Daytona. Also, if you’re concerned about buying SS sports alone with you, try to consult JFK Collection.

Perhaps it will find a solution called “It seems to be without it!”

SS type predecessor Daytona. “The new model is also good, but the SS bezel seems to be Daytona” and collectors demand that “new and unused items are easy to get … …” that the market does not go down. This 16520 was handled in domestic regular stores by 2015 and it is an unused item. Of course there are warranty cards, etc.. SS. Automatic amount. Used. Level N (unused). 1,490,000 yen

Millgaus’s current model boasts high magnetic resistance. The 116400 was announced in 2007, with the same reference were 2 types of black dial and white dial. However, the line is only on a white call now. In other words, the 116400 black call you can get now is only for the dead stock. The 116400 rare dead stock of this image. In addition, it has a registered postcard with a genuine article. By the way, the domestic regular price 116400 of the white dial is 788,400 yen. SS. Automatic amount. New article. 718,000 yen

The latest model released in 2018. The obvious difference from the predecessor model is that it approved ceramic ceramic crown bezel. Dial color is two types of black and white as before. Although the attention of fans is collected, traffic is still low and market prices, including new products in parallel with imports, are quite expensive. The image 116500 is an unused item with warranty handled in the domestic regular replica Rolex shop.

Usually clothes. Aibo is usually El Primero Daytona. But on holiday, I turned to the riders and went to the tools. At that time another champion’s favorite blue / red bezel will go on a trip. “When I bought both, I was somewhat bored with the budget, but I became tired of getting tired, so it was a long time ago,” said Minowa. “After all, I feel like I’m still getting more by taking the original.”