Replica Omega launched a new women’s collection of watches, which combines a classic design and a slim, stylish body.

Omega Trésor watch with 39 mm stainless steel case with lacquered black dial and black fabric strap.

A distinctive feature of the collection Trésor are the tracks of diamonds, which round the body from two sides, and a diamond on the crown. An additional focus on the crown is a flower created from five replica Omega logos made of red liquid ceramics. Embossed large Roman numerals on the dial will also become a recognizable feature of this model. The back of each model Trésor has a mirror cover with the design of “Her time”. Mirror is associated with the idea of ​​reflection, as a reminder to women about who they are, about the natural charisma that they have. The models are available in two sizes, showing the fineness of the case: 9.75 mm in height for the 39 mm case and 8.85 mm in height for the 36 mm case.

Omega Trésor replica women’s watches with 36 mm stainless steel case with lacquered white dial and blue cloth strap.

There are nine different models available in the collection. This case is made of stainless steel, and 18-carat gold Sedna (Omega’s proprietary gold). The straps go either from fabric or leather. Available colors: black, dark brown, white, blue, opal silver or pearlescent. The watch is equipped with a quartz caliber 4061 Omega.

The Trésor collection was launched on December 7 in the US and Japan, where the watches will be exclusively sold.
Kaya Gerber in an replica Omega advertising campaign

In addition to launching the collection of Trésor, the Omega watch house also introduced an advertising campaign with a new face, Kaye Gerber, daughter of the model Cindy Crawford, a longtime ambassador of the replica Omega brand. Gerber’s participation is an attempt to attract young consumers to the new hours.

The campaign entitled “Choice of Kaya” is a black and white photo taken on the beach of Malibu by the legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Omega Trésor replica watch with 36 mm case from 18-carat gold Sedna with lacquered silver dial and gray leather strap.

While the collection of watches is absolutely new, the name “Trésor” (that is, the treasure) first appeared in the brand in 1949. At that time it concerned the treasure found inside the mechanism of the replica watches, namely the caliber of 30 mm. “The mechanism itself has become synonymous with precision, as well as simple and logical design,” the brand statement said.