When Montblanc decided for ten years to finish the refinement and time to hit the door to the higher-end luxury replica watches segment, the steel-padded boots that broke that particular door were the Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph. Replica Montblanc did this to the tip of the spear, trying to impress the others. Spectacularly, it was a completely new, in-house automatic chronograph, with a unique dial design that was designed to make it visible on the front of the clock – a special effort – not a revised 7750 or other half-solution.

The latest model is now called the Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph, so it has been included in the Star Legacy collection – the latest 2019 news in this article.

Nicolas Rieussec was honored for a long time as the inventor of the chronograph (stopwatch), and this was also the case with replica Montblanc’s hour. The piquant of the thing is that since that title has been taken over from Rieussec by Louis Moin – you can see a video of his watch here. The legitimacy of this Louis Moin is entrusted to everyone by his own pessimism / suspicion … But the significance of the thing is hardly “who was the first 200 years ago” (who knows what hours were being destroyed or created at the time) exact date is not available due to lack of documentation) … Before we lose more on this topic, we point out that the Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph is one of the first and undoubtedly brilliant replica watches chronographs.

Although ink is naturally not in this modern luxury class – it would be difficult to open the case, wipe the ink, tiny, sensitive discs, and refill the ink … – the two rotating discs, however, suggest a structure of unique complexity. The Le Locle werk is the replica Montblanc Caliber MB R200, which surpassed its age: it was already ten years ago that it knew the 72-hour-long reserve nowadays associated with 4 Hertz frequencies. There was automatic winding, monopusher (one-button) chronograph operation, day-night window (rather interesting and cool additive than any impressive mechanical power) and a chronograph with a rare complexity.