For a long time, replica Breitling focused almost exclusively on its striking, highly technical collections and models, from a very recent past until last year. This is more detail in our new Premier B01 Chronograph here and in our Premier Chronograph (7750) article here – we would not repeat ourselves, it is well written off all the ideologies of Georges Kern and the strange, but equitable Mercedes G-Klass. Now let’s go over the two latest and perhaps most amazing results of this trend: the replica Breitling Premier Automatic and Premier Day-Date models.

Let’s start with Premier Automatic 40. While previously the only-minded technically priced Colt was the most cleverest Breitling – all relative, yes – the Premier Automatic is a true blood refresh. We have described the above articles, so it is really only in one sentence that the Kern-led replica Breitling wants to find old ones where stylish stylish models and high-tech professional replica watches are under the Breitling auspices. The Premier 40 speaks for itself: it is perfectly readable, there is no cut or unnecessary design that only specially trained pilots can use while sailing with a broken vehicle over the ocean after a lightning strike.

There is a clean basic dial in the blue and dark and light gray colors with sunburst centralized grinding, applied indices, nice long indicators (as it should be every hour), and just a little bit of red at the end of the second indicator and 60 at the top of the dial to indicate something to happen. There is no date yet! Nothing breaks the symmetry of the faceplate, even the inscription (which is a little bit, let’s see it, crouching in 12 hours) is gradually diminishing. There are many pointers.

In the light of the highly sophisticated case, the high-quality dial-up design and the chronometer caliber, the Premier Automatic 40 and Premier Day-Date 40 are not as brilliant as the 1 million forints. Due to their sleek, timeless design, a truly new new replica Breitling much.

For those of you who like “old replica Breitling”, it is not embarrassing, living and running the replica Breitling watches division – who in turn craved the stylish, elegant models of the brand just in vintage time … Well, their time has come, because this will be one of the most important directions from now on.