Really. Santos share a project, if nothing else, then because they are not comparable to other classes and other classes we do not like. Of course, a lot of 60 years later, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica has stolen and found the idea lunette bolted to sheep as new, but the overall effect of Royal Oak is actually very close to Santos those – as this quest the last was inspired, even if it is not, and will never be recognized (instead of an imposing story, without foundation but not complete).

So when we have hand – which is important, not just to judge the images – you will notice how different compared to other Santos replica watches. A good opportunity to become the first hours of a luxury Santos, just because they are not trying to reassure the world and it is the same message to make it more widespread popularity, but perhaps a little then boring models.

What the new Santos can do and he could not – unfortunately and shamefully – the collection to show the last decades, the proportions of dimensions and respect the right choice. Santos was 100 Jaw and received the average “trendy big hours” design measure as a result. For a long time it was not less options, colors, materials and other variants showed extreme desert image, while Cartier replica was otherwise occupied – well known in the caliber de replica Cartier watches with the Clé de Cartier with and for a while ‘the “Haute Horlogerie” find new superlatives of ultra complicated models every year.

complete versions in steel, steel and gold-gold arrive in Santos and comes with a (two) skeleton, steel grip (!) of the model, amikről will be discussed in a separate article. The point is, regardless of material use, Santos full of wonderful and rich details. The gently curved profiles and ears frame, smooth bezel, a number of decorated vines is, the soft leather straps, the Roman numerals thickly applied and hidden in the index Cartier logo 7 o’clock, blued indicators and light, is the tool-less design and belt replacement and – they add a lot to the sophisticated high-quality feel of Santos. The structure is the 1847MC automated structure of Cartier replica.

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