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He has long been the most rewarding replica Breitling: Premier Automatic 40 and Premier Day-Date 40 (Yes, 40!)

For a long time, replica Breitling focused almost exclusively on its striking, highly technical collections and models, from a very recent past until last year. This is more detail in our new Premier B01 Chronograph here and in our Premier Chronograph (7750) article here – we would not repeat ourselves, it is well written off all the ideologies of Georges Kern and the strange, but equitable Mercedes G-Klass. Now let’s go over the two latest and perhaps most amazing results of this trend: the replica Breitling Premier Automatic and Premier Day-Date models.

Let’s start with Premier Automatic 40. While previously the only-minded technically priced Colt was the most cleverest Breitling – all relative, yes – the Premier Automatic is a true blood refresh. We have described the above articles, so it is really only in one sentence that the Kern-led replica Breitling wants to find old ones where stylish stylish models and high-tech professional replica watches are under the Breitling auspices. The Premier 40 speaks for itself: it is perfectly readable, there is no cut or unnecessary design that only specially trained pilots can use while sailing with a broken vehicle over the ocean after a lightning strike.

There is a clean basic dial in the blue and dark and light gray colors with sunburst centralized grinding, applied indices, nice long indicators (as it should be every hour), and just a little bit of red at the end of the second indicator and 60 at the top of the dial to indicate something to happen. There is no date yet! Nothing breaks the symmetry of the faceplate, even the inscription (which is a little bit, let’s see it, crouching in 12 hours) is gradually diminishing. There are many pointers.

In the light of the highly sophisticated case, the high-quality dial-up design and the chronometer caliber, the Premier Automatic 40 and Premier Day-Date 40 are not as brilliant as the 1 million forints. Due to their sleek, timeless design, a truly new new replica Breitling much.

For those of you who like “old replica Breitling”, it is not embarrassing, living and running the replica Breitling watches division – who in turn craved the stylish, elegant models of the brand just in vintage time … Well, their time has come, because this will be one of the most important directions from now on.

Replica Breitling 2018 Novelties I .: Chronomat B01 Chronograph 44

We’ve decided instead of adding a new job to a new post, adding a more transparent and search-friendly way to the biggest 2018 collections by model. Let’s start with self-help with Breitling, including the newly developed Breitling Chronomat B01 Chronograph 44.

Two important comments. On the one hand, Breitling’s new, 2018 “flagship” collection, Navitimer 8, has been presented here in more detail … The second important addition – and then we really start – for every replica Breitling fan, the new replica Breitling director, Georges Kernt , which we propose to read so that we do not have to repeat ourselves here now: “It is therefore important that replica Breitling has a new director.” Come on, let’s tap into the clouds.

Chronomat-B01-44. (PPR/ReplicaBreitling)

The Chronomat B01, as its name suggests, is the Chronomat series with the brand’s own B01-built “in-house” design. The Chronomat has reason to feel like we’ve been with us since the beginning of the time – nowadays a classic, alive with the favorite word of the watch industry, has become an iconic part of the brand as well as the segment of the pilot watches.

By 2018, Chronomat, like all the larger collections of replica Breitling, underwent wrinkle removal under the direction of Kern and the new team. Chronomat’s up-to-date light-polished case has been brushed-in, let’s see it’s much closer to a real-intended hour of use! The real “military” (diver) and pilot replica swiss watches should always have a brushed / black / black case in order to get the Swiss highscore high pole developed in a fight / sharp position on one hand not to reflect the pilot’s face clouds over the clouds, and “field watch” does not betray the position of the soldier with glittering surfaces – as if a bicycle cat eye was attached to the wrist on the battlefield. In spite of this, the whole steel buckle was threaded.

Even though he does not have the really amazing “depth” and beauty polished from Breitling, the fact that the Chronomat is closer to the real pilots. The dial was also changed: the distinctive square disappeared, the lines of which went through the auxiliary counters – a very discrete, tiny detail. Instead, there is now a brushed, blue-black or brown-black dial that further enhances the look of a purely feature-focused design. The logo has also changed: now, all Breitling classes will be unveiled, with the unveiling, vintage-style written B-logo. The indicators are still powerful, which is an obvious advantage and adornment for most Breitling – and which shows a strong, impressive structure.

And if it is to be constructed, let’s say that the B01 has remained the old, but still very persuasive, technology: 70-hour reserve, 4 Hertz frequency, column wheel and vertical clutch … All that is expected of a modern in-house chronograph. The auxiliary counts in contrast to the base color of the faceplate also reveal the manufactory’s structure – Under cover of Kern, a Breitling replica watch auxiliary tables are only the same color as the base color of the page if there is an outside, i.e., non-in-house structure in the clock. The clocks with the manufacturer’s werk are so contrasting – or “Panda” counters from there.

Overall, the mood of the Chronomat 44 military-pilot remained unchanged, but perhaps, even more pronounced, has been strengthened due to the many muddings and minor simplifications concerning the dial. The typical onion corona, the threaded chronograph buttons, the rotating slip, the excellent luminescent material on the indexes, indicators and latches, and the miraculous readability and of course the typical replica Breitling presence on the wrist remained. Other, new, fresh – in all likelihood, the old one will still be new to the market for a while, so that the one who liked it better and has already been eyeing it is pulling the trigger for that … The others have this new face to look for in stores. The price is expected at the same level as in the previous Chronomat 44 B01, around 2 to 2.5 million.